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Psychological Assessment

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In addition to his psychotherapy practice, Dr. Seltzer also provides psychological testing and assessment services on an outpatient basis. Evaluations consist of cognitive and intellectual testing, personality assessment, psycho-educational assessment, and psychological functioning. Dr. Seltzer will construct a testing battery that is designed based on a client’s needs.  Testing sessions may include a diagnostic interview, self-report measures, questionnaires for family members or friends, and full psychological assessments. 


Psychological assessment tends to fall into three main categories: 1) Cognitive functioning, 2) Academic functioning, and 3) Emotional and Behavioral functioning. Cognitive assessment examines a client’s intellectual functioning across multiple domains, including (but not limited to) verbal comprehension, visual spatial, working memory, fluid reasoning and processing speed. Academic assessment measures how much a client has retained from school and other learning experiences to determine their estimated grade level in reading, writing, and math. Emotional and behavioral assessment identifies specific social, emotional and attentional issues that may contribute to difficulties in life. Used together, these three categories provide Dr. Seltzer with rich data that can be interpreted into diagnostic considerations, as well as recommendations for treatment.

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