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Group Therapy

Dr. Seltzer leads groups designed to support men and women in various life stages in building life/relational skills as well as personal assertiveness. 

The group psychotherapeutic experience consists of ongoing group sessions in which individuals come together for relational contact, support and learning. The group is devised to help people identify and understand their "blindspots" which may hinder their interpersonal lives and overall contentment. Often, these blindspots are not detectable in individual psychotherapy and are seldom made available for reflection in one's everyday life. The major focus of the group is on the relational dynamics that emerge between group members. These dynamics are "freeze-framed" in the group sessions and closely inspected, a process that will hopefully yield discoveries, insights, and positive change.


In the process group, members come together on a weekly basis to share their experiences, both within and outside of, the group, and to utilize the emerging dynamics of the group culture and the interactions between its members as a vehicle for personal discovery. In a sense, the group is a “laboratory” -- each member can achieve new realizations about himself and “try on” new roles and ways of being that may directly impact their “real” life outside of the group. Within this specialized small group process, the vitality of an established group may lend to the potential of opening up channels of communication that can have the shared capacity of being.

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