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Couples Therapy

Perhaps your relationship is on the rocks, or maybe your relationship feels pretty solid, but you’ve been hit by a crisis and are looking for the guidance of a professional.

Whatever the reason, no matter the length, or structure of your partnership, couples therapy helps by providing a fresh, impartial outlook in an encouraging and safe space to explore the challenges you are facing.


When you’re struggling in your relationship, you may feel as though you’re trapped in a perpetual state of conflict, constantly bumping up against the same old negative patterns that play out between you and your partner. Couples counseling can help you identify the emotions and the unfulfilled needs, wants and desires that may be driving the discord in your relationship. With the help of couples therapy, you and your partner can express your emotions and tell your life stories without fearing blame or criticism. Through a thoughtful process of introspection, you can begin to recognize and honor each other’s experiences and backgrounds, as well as explore any past traumatic experiences that may be influencing the way you relate to the people you love. Doing so can help you engender more empathy and understanding in your relationship, in addition to challenging any negative beliefs you have about yourself and/or your partner.

Grey Beach Shores
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